Monday, 29 August 2016

My One Night Experience with an Independent Mumbai Escort

It was a wintry morning of a Sunday in December. I was in a sombre mood due to the sudden break up with my girlfriend. Lower project flow made the situation worse. I was totally upset, disturbed and damaged. My painful past was not leaving me. It hovered on my mind. At that time, somebody rang my calling bell. I opened the door. It was the newspaper man carrying my English daily to deliver at my hand. I opened it and started reading pages- different news and stories of human sufferings and pleasures. One page, just before the last page, arrested my attention. I saw there is a column telling about the girls and women offering escort service in Mumbai


How Was I Attracted towards Mumbai Escorts?

The second ad easily touched me as it was written in an impressive way. It seemed to me that the ad is talking about my mental state. The writing was, “Are you depressed? Dejected? Looking for the ways to get rid of it? Take my escort service in Mumbai”. Naturally, I picked up my phone and called the number given there to get a date with the girl. One lady replied gently in a subdued voice. I told her about the ad and asked for a date. He gave me time at 6.30 pm. The meeting place was a nearby Chinese restaurant in Mumbai. After having some noodles, we went for a night out and reached a night club to dance with her. However, deem light and the spark of Black Dog and Johnnie Walker intoxicated me heavily. Very soon I forgot all about my painful past and story of my love and languishment. I started dancing with her, putting her in my wild array. Dancing with her for two hours, I came back to my home with her and started ascending on the staircase to reach my room at the first floor. She was coming with me by my side, embracing me tightly.

Night Spending with Her (Independent Mumbai Escort) in My Private Room  

With her naked feet, she started stalking into my chamber. Then the Mumbai escort girl hugged me closely in her white ivory array. After a pleasant guise, she kissed me deeply and her loose gown gradually fell from her shoulders. Pressing me against her swelling boobs, she softly asked me, “Do you like this?” I became speeches with the excitement and love fever. She came on me gradually and excited me with her skillful hands and artful foreplay. After making me hard rock, she let me entered into her. With excitement, she started screaming with me. I got lost into her deep romantic chasm. There was a win-win situation. Both of us become violent. After sometime, she jumped on me and turned me quickly in a 69 position. She rode on me and kept playing on me until I reached my climax. I will never ever forget her quick position change at the right time. She moved me and squeezed me in her. I lost my control over me and succumbed to her. All came out of me. 

I took the second chance at 2.30 am and third chance at 4.50am. I will hardly forget that rocking bed and the colorful night.